The middle class in China is over 300 million strong and is getting bigger. You will find over the million millionaires in China. The prosperity in the united states exponentially keeps growing. And with the higher income and the attraction of the united states as a travel destination to foreigners, China is becoming one of the top travel marketplaces in the global world for both home and international travelers. To deal with the increased travel, China has been building its road steadily, rail, and air infrastructure, which can make traveling in this nationwide country easier.

The country’s broadband network includes over 17,000 kilometers of track-and it’s getting bigger. China is the fourth top destination for travel and leisure, but is likely to end up being the number-one destination by 2020, according to the World Tourism Association. China’s travel industry is driven by the sheer amounts of its 1.3 billion people and increasing interest amongst international travelers.

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Domestically, as wages increase, so will the shelling out for non-essential items such as recreation and travel. To handle the expected increase in travel, there is a concerted effort to build more hotels and motels across this vast country, along with the associated infrastructure. I continue to favor Chinese travel stocks and shares. My investment advice is to check out the numerous investment opportunities accessible to you in the Chinese travel and hotel area. All three example companies have above-average long-term talk about understanding are and potential attractive, but I most like the potential customers for 7 Days Group.

The company is the 3rd largest national overall economy hotel chain. It offers limited services under the “7 Days Inn” brand, akin to budget hotels and motels in the U.S. By March 31, 2011, 7 Days Group operated 619 hotels, up from 568 hotels in the fourth one fourth. The coverage area is made up of 96 cities and 61,795 rooms. 0.13 per talk about shortfall from the road consensus estimates. There has been a growth in coverage from the Wall Street. 0.81 per ADS in 2012. That is based on a conversion of RMB6.4855 to 1 USD.

7 Days Group may or may not have the best potential of the three shares. Only time will inform; but what’s for sure would be that the travel sector in China is a key development area. Retire on This One Hot Stock! This stock is up 232% since we first selected it.

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