Top Internet marketer and multilevel marketing trainer, Chris Zavadowski, uncovers his simple, proven techniques and tactics which have catapulted him to success in network marketing, online business, the performing arts and more. I’m not a genius. My SAT ratings weren’t the highest. I didn’t have a perfect 4.0 GPA in university (but I was pretty close). 7,000.00 to hear what I developed. You’ll get my top 3 “secrets” free of charge the following in “Instant MLM Profit Secrets”!

Note: I sure as heck didn’t invent these secrets, but instead picked them up from MY mentors over the years. Just because they may appear simple, don’t mistake the fatal mistake of discounting their power. 1: One Pro-Active Thing A DayI discovered in one of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, each day to always do one pro-active thing.

Every day of the year. A day EVERY person can do one pro-active thing.I know, I understand. Take this advice to heart. Not just a day goes on (okay, maybe one or two do!) where I’m not doing something to bring in clients and clients for my businesses. Day Every single.But BEWARE! The risk here’s to SKIP it 1 day and inform yourself you’ll double up on the very next day.

The temptation is excellent, I understand – but you’re programming your mind for procrastination and indecision.Instead, get up each morning hours and present yourself ONE important activity to do for the day for your business. Maybe it’s calling a prospect, finding a fresh affiliate, one 3-way call. Almost anything. Don’t let yourself go to bed until you’ve done it.And what’s the end result? You’ll program your mind for action and success. That’s what makes this so powerful! Even if you’re getting a “bad” day, you’ve still reached your one goal and got a gain by enough time you go to sleep.

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  • A contact record becomes an organization record when you associate multiple people who have it
  • Categorize and split personal and business expenditures
  • In general terms, the American workforce keeps growing younger
  • Visio (or a process mapping tool)

Believe me, your subconscious is taking note! Do this for just 30 days and you’ll be amazed how you feel and the results you can accomplish.—– Side Bar: Desire to be super-successful? Include READING and LISTENING as part of your daily activities. Each day read 10 pages of the good book and pay attention to 15 minutes of the tape or CD. It had been Michael Clouse who taught me to stay a CD player in my bathroom together with my bathroom. And I’ll tell you – it’s one of the biggest self-improvement tips I’ve found!

Every day when showering and getting dressed up, all you’ll have to do is press “play” and better yourself. Doesn’t get easier than that. Buy a collection of 3×5 cards. In the morning, the day jot down your ONE goal for. Make it around with you. Each day READ. 10 pages. Or one chapter. Or 30 minutes. No matter the amount if you are constant and regular. So when I said read – it isn’t the tabloids or the negative news. It’s something that boosts your skills and expands your thinking! Buy for yourself a cheap boom-box for your bathroom. Place it on the bathroom. Every day And listen to a positive tape or CD. 2 and see how you feel! Your business (and bank-account) will many thanks!