I’ve been eliminated for too much time. Blame it on my teaching profession! 12 months and the being successful months were tough My first, but slowly, I am getting the hang up of it. Once you enter the true “battleground” you will see the reality of everything. I’m not stating that it isn’t a fulfilling career, what I only indicate is, it is an different thing once you are in the real setup entirely. So far, I am embracing it and convincing myself that I am in the right track still. I aim to provide my students the most effective of what I could offer.

So, in the same way I’ve entitled this post, I have so much to share to you guys! At this time, I am 20 weeks on the way exactly. The first photo up was taken when I was only about 8 weeks pregnant there. The second photo was my very first belly shot, january taken last. I think I will take a more recent belly pic one of these days.

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So far, I am so joyous with this blessing because as soon as now, our developing fetus has started to already change our lives. The spouse is ever more caring and loving than. After all, he’s a bit more showy of his affection than before. Next, as as teaching can be involved considerably, I feel which i am taking the reins aleady.

Slowly, but surely. This deserves another post. And last, but not minimal, beauty-related concerns? I am still up compared to that but I am starting to feel left behind with some beauty styles and whatnots. Yet, I am still passionate with this build. I’m still learning and exploring new what to improve my knowledge.

Yes. I am still the family’s public makeup artist! I’m expecting to have the ability to have more leisure time soon so that I possibly could revise my site with plenty of things that goes on in my own life. Also, I wish to upload my latest beauty program, some tutorials, and so much more! Let’s hope that I’ll be back to blogging for good. Thanks for by dropping!

Sometimes you don’t feel your best if you’re not fresh and put together. I used to always get decked out on test days during high school and university because that is what I experienced best in. In the event that you feel good in other departments of life Sometimes, that can help you improve your disposition/life overall! So if you are feeling like all you have to to do is forgo makeup, wear sweats, and throw in a few dry shampoo, think!