The German Shepherd ranks unchallenged at the top of the reputation scale of all pedigree canines worldwide. Since 1899 the breed is bred relating to plan. From the basic notion of the founder of the Association for German Shepherds, Max von Stephanitz, to develop a powerful, safe and well-balanced dog is becoming an international recipe for success on four paws. Worldwide focusing on the motherland of the breed.

About 10,000 a year. Altogether over 2 million studbook entries. Currently, live in Germany 250,000 German Shepherd dogs. Black with reddish brown, brown, yellow to light yellowish badges. Black and grey monochrome. Family and Sport dog, duty and protection dog, therapy and rescue dog, guide dog, herding dog. Necessary Absolutely. Consequence, patience, and understanding are needed. Very adjustable working dog.

Safe and self-confident, strong, unbiased, attentive, and psychologically highly resilient actually. Good and safe social behavior, appropriate for appropriate socialization perfectly with people and animals in the family environment. Feeding according to activity and tasks with high-quality ready-made food. Regular grooming, vaccinating and deworming. An active dog, who needs regular exercise (walks, swimming, cycling, jogging, dog sports) to a balanced nature. HD control by breeding value estimation and control in SV.

Life expectancy ten to twelve years. Male: 60 to 65 centimeters, about 30 to 40 kilos. Bitches 55 to 60 centimeters, about 22 to 32 kilos. Anyone who loves dogs and trusts to train a dog consistently, but dog-friendly, will find in the German Shepherd a faithful friend and reliable partner – and that a whole dog life long. He could be a companion who is fitted to living together with man ideally. For many German Shepherds will be the best friends of man and therefore, of course, an integral part of everyday routine: the open-minded four-legged friends are playmates, family members and living medicine for older especially, single people.

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And especially for active people, who prefer to be in the fresh air or do sports, German shepherd canines will be the perfect dog choice. To help make the four-legged friend a faithful friend in everyday life and a family dog, training and education are important. In puppy age, all dogs are “cute” and provide many funny moments in the family especially.

The little puppy dog, however, quickly “grows up”. At half a year old, your dog gets the developmental status of the human being of about ten years of age, a one-year-old animal corresponds to a 20-year-old dog and a 13-year-old dog to a 70-year-old man. Atlanta divorce attorneys stage of its life, the German Shepherd has a particular charisma.

Even as a “gray muzzle” he will give his man much pleasure. Because the breed builds a higher connection, clear caregivers are important atlanta divorce attorneys stage of life. This bond facilitates education, training and work with the four-legged friends. Like other dogs, the German Shepherd develops his mental and physical maturity in the course of dog life.