It’s been a time since I got a glance at any fitness monitoring bands or any wearables etc. Why don’t we do this? Today we’re heading to have a glance at the Bozlun fitness tracker B 15 P. It’s a blood pressure and heartrate monitor rather than much more to say about it than that there’s.

We will go on and jump into the container, so we’re working with the fitness music group. We’ll come compared to that in another back again. Here’s the b15 bracelet user guide, all of that is within Chinese and with English all around the other side. Are a few of the features that this bracelet offers Here. You can check your blood circulation pressure on it and they have a heart rate monitor.

It has a touchscreen and a pedometer. It shows you your distance as well as your calorie consumption burned. You can view telephone and notifications figures when you get phone calls. It monitors your sleep and you could utilize it as an alarm. There is a goal setting techniques for how many steps and there are very a few features that I find very interesting.

The blood pressure is the one that entices me, though it’s the one that makes me want to check out it. Because there are great deal of individuals, family and close family having blood pressure issues, however, not me luckily. It is something you must keep an eye on and the last thing within this container is the charger, which appears to be fairly straightforward. It’s a straightforward USB connection, you’ll plug this into a wall wart or into your computer or into a desktop charging station. I’ve made some about a ton of those if you haven’t seen them.

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  • 776BC in Greece
  • Rid your body of toxins, nicotine residue and heavy metals
  • A collar attachment

Then from the fitness band, if you’ll pop this out and slip it into place, it’s a very firm connection. And if you now plug this in, it would start charging. We will go back to it Now, go on and peel off this little face plate off. It’s all black although they show two other colors available over on Amazon, a green which seems like teal as well as purple, whose band retails for approximately 33 to 35 dollars.

So if you’re getting excited about getting ultimately more into fitness, this might be something to bear in mind. It seems that we have to get an application before we move too much further. Here’s the QR code if you want to obtain it yourself. I scan it on the iPhone and I am taken by it over to the app store, which is called H music group.