This is the first time I’ve written anything. So bear with it, if you got to the end. “We can help you defeat death.” I understand I’m on deep sleep and not likely to dream. The whole darkness starts to blur, I am sure this isn’t a desire.

The sudden hallucination starts to calm down as I see a figure, with eyes, two of them. I see the nasal area Then, mouth and even though this entity will not seem to utilize it, but it has two ears also. One on each side. Come-on, it’s a human being I’m seeing, at least it fulfills my requirement for being a human being. The man begins to have discussion with me, not actually a discussion as I’m not adding anything to it. So a sort or kind of podcast? He’s discussing making me immortal, in my own LSD induced hallucination. But how do you get out of this? Did I pee myself?

No the dampness in the bedsheet is caused by my perspiration. Personally i think my jeans. Yup, not pee. But who was the man I noticed on my dreams? I remember the LSD induced face, that professor who claimed to have found the weapon to defeat death, came in my own dream. Quickly, I go directly to the information back again, he’s talking about the recruitment process, where there is no process- he’s already chosen the person. He unveils his team then, which consists of himself and a weird-looking man in his 20’s who easily looks like the smartest man on the planet.

  • Industry publications
  • Research on performance incentives suggest all of the following EXCEPT
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  • New Orleans, La.,

Just by looking on his face. The professor is saying due to overpopulation, and God’s desire to permit mortals to keep ruling the planet earth, the immortalized one has to be on exile from globe. Deciding never to give too much thought on this, I go to sleep, this time not on any drugs. The previous night’s hallucinations are gone, I see an actual dream, it’s been so long since I last saw one.

A bright summer day, I’m minding my very own business, which professor gets there, out of nowhere. He starts telling me he’s not from earth, and that he’d come here simply for me. Did I talk about fanaticizing immortality? Yeah he said he was to help me make that happen here. And yes, I had been the chosen one he was talking on it. He then planted a sapling and said it would navigate me to his place there. Day was quite different Next.

I already felt superior, maybe I used to be getting immortal for real. I called my boss and told him, not in the voice I used to talk to him which i was quitting. Now I’m on my way to the doctors. I’m navigating the directions as though someone planted a GPS on my brain.

Over the three houe commute, it did not for once struck my mind that he was laying. Nah, I’ve talked to him, but on dream. Seen him on TV, yeah, saw him on TV, so he been around. And he has planted a Gps navigation on my mind also, so he is not lying down. I reach to his place, which is strange for a professor’s lab, but he had not been an teacher earth-professor so it was natural for him to have an outlandish place of work.

“Are you sure you’re gonna do this? “Ok, week we’re doing the procedure next. Inside that spaceship. There. Following the treatment, you’ll fly off to the infinite. Forever. Keep on mind Also, memories will be the only thing you’re allowed aboard from globe. For it is the only thing on earth that lasts permanently.