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Battlefield 1 from 2016 to 2018, DICE developers discovered the problem and introduced points for each individual objective control and ditching resource based “ticket system”. With Battlefield 1, this issue is really noticeable with small infantry focused maps (3-5 objective narrow layouts), where killing reduces more tickets for both groups than holding the majority of objectives on the map actually. That is of course a prototype, concept for something that I’d love to take further for improvement later in the foreseeable future.

  • Now, go for “VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)” and click “Next” button
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  • When prompted, enter your Keycode
  • In the following window, click on “Update Driver” button
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  • Keep it up
  • Enable RequireSSL
  • Save your changes

I created a mathematical rating system (including practical UI in the video above) that rewards factors to both teams accordingly depending on their performance in the match. So how exactly does it work? The main reason for the operational system is to track the team’s performance appropriately at each stage of the match. It’s not time based like “Battlefield 1”, and it doesn’t have mechanics that would artificially push the match into specific direction like “Battlefield V” (The catch-up mechanic).

My suggested system is monitoring tickets and award factors to team at specific time when a certain threshold is reached, tracking match improvement more carefully and accurately thus. “Legacy Conquest” ticket system is staying and works the same manner as it used to before, with majority of respawns and goals draining any team’s tickets.

The team that loses all tickets and reaches zero, match has ended and the other team with remaining tickets win the game. The brand new feature that is being added to the HUD of your game (without adding more UI and HUD mess on your display screen), is the get better at quantity next to the ticket number. That expert number are the true factors your team gets as the match advances. The match ends when the team’s has no more tickets left in their resource, but that master number always increasing, or quickly slowly, depending how well the united team was executing. True to life example: it performs like a football/soccer or basketball scoreboard. The score goes up.

It doesn’t determine the winner by itself, because the score is a different translation of the ticket number just. Instead of reading as 237 tickets, the master number for example will showcase number 15 for example, thus making it simpler to understand and analyse match progress to the audience and players alike. Controlling majority of objectives gives the winning team the ticket bleed advantage.

Every respawn costs a solution. Killing a new player doesn’t have a ticket from the opposite team. Note: Despite the fact that the machine is scalable and can be utilized for any quantity of tickets, we will go with 1000 because of this particular example. Note 2: It doesn’t matter if the tickets go up (Battlefield 1) or down (Battlefield V, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, etc.), once we just need the 100 ticket mark (100 tag because we’re using 1000 seat tickets as an example. Every right time the LOSING team loses 100 seat tickets, the master quantity is being up to date.

Because we’re using 1000 solution example, each time the LOSING team reaches 900, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 and 0 (end circular score update at 0), the professional number has been up to date to both united teams. The master number only updates when the LOSING team reaches that ticket threshold, regardless of how many WINNING team has.

LOSING team can become the WINNING team, and system follows the LOSING team. 2 points towards united team that control nearly all OBJECTIVES when 100 ticket threshold is reached, regardless who is winning the match. If no majority is being controlled at that point (Neutral objectives that being captured for the reason that moment don’t count), no points are given. 1 point to the team that doesn’t have almost all, but if they control at least ONE OBJECTIVE when 100 ticket threshold is reached by the LOSING team. Note: Both teams get a point if none of them hold most all flags, but control at least one flag each.