The two of us been employed by at Jefferies for a combined 39 years. We have survived challenging times and direct assaults, but that is what happens when you are dealing with companions to build a continuing business that will withstand. We’ve always met challenges honestly and directly, and we’ll not now stop or back off.

We are not devoid of issues or problems at Jefferies, and we believe even one of these of bad behavior or the tiniest of fines, lawsuits, or penalties is one too many. However, we’d gladly put our track record of compliance and regulatory focus up against the record of anybody of our major competitors. Earlier this week has been beyond unpleasant for us, as a child-custody case has resulted in groundless questions about the integrity of our firm.

As you may have read, our partner who’s in the center of all this has taken a voluntary leave to concentrate on his personal life and the best interests of his two children. That is a terribly sad situation and our hearts go to him and his family out.

  1. Construction equipment investment growth is likely to weaken further and potentially stall
  2. Hedge Fund Service Directory
  3. 16 I.R.C. 852(b)(3)(D)(iii)
  4. Tax Advantage Accounts
  5. Surety Bonds

As the week progressed, the media plus some of our major competitors have piled on, using categorically rejected allegations created by one person as the basis to launch a common sense of everything Jefferies. While we would like to disregard the tabloids, the weblogs and whoever is feeding them, we know they continue steadily to scrounge around to get more random tidbits to string jointly, and we just cannot silently sit by.

We are very pleased that the thing that has allowed Jefferies to persevere and, more often than not, prosper, is our attitude. Jefferies’ culture is dependant on integrity, putting our clients first, a truly entrepreneurial spirit, transparency, humility and tenacity. 3 billion in annual net revenues (with over half from Investment Banking), and a worldwide full service platform with 3,850 employee-partners. With this confirmation, we went to our companions in health care investment bank yesterday evening and said, “The two of us are going to go have a drug test, and do you want to join us?

As for the “media,” we should carefully and respectfully question whether this past week was contacted with objectivity and balance. Honesty, Integrity, and Humility – we’ve tried to live by these guideposts and will continue to achieve this, whatever distorted old stories or made up new ones are slung at Jefferies. We will focus on doing the best job possible for the substantial business you have entrusted us with. In closing, let us extend our sincere apologies for the distraction of the past week. Us can be found to meet or speak with any of you at any right time. We anticipate getting back to what we should do – putting our clients first, always.

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