There appears to have been an increase in first time enquiries from three main industries in the last quarter, these include; debt recovery organizations, nursery institutions, and letting agencies. This influx of enquiries indicates that these industries are in fact prospering during the credit crunch and also have expanded enough to justify buying or renting a photocopier. Infor­mation such as this can go some way to judge the way the credit crunch has effects on Britain’s sectors.

A high percentage of businesses (almost 38%) that have delivered notice of going into administratio­n within the last quarter have come from the consumer industry, recommending that consumers are being more careful using their money. When this is compared with the increase of enquiries via debt recovery agencies in the last quarter, it is obvious that there has been a definite change throughout the market. It is clear that the housing marketplace has been affected in a big way by the credit crunch, especially given that mortgage loans are less easily available. This has been reflected in the photocopier market, with less business from the housing construction and development industry, but a considerable upsurge in enquiries from letting agencies.

These changes support the actual fact that people are choosing to lease property as the marketplace is not stable enough to buy. The idea of renting than buying is also reflected in the photocopier industry rather, with more busin­esses choosing to take out lease agreements on photocopiers rather than purchasing the unit.

This is actually a positive final result of the market meltdown as leasing office equipment will not only give peace of mind but also allows businesses to maintain with the very latest technology. Coupled with worries over owning property and possible home loan increases, this could be forcing both parents to back work soon after child birth and thus increasing the necessity for nursery colleges.

There has been much debate and debate during the last couple of months about which industries are being affected by the credit crunch and many people have tried to make predictions about who’ll be affected in the long term. Many businesses have noticed the affects of the credit crunch, but from taking a look at new business in the photocopier industry, it appears that not all businesses have been affected adversely.

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